Lyme at its best

What a lovely evening we had on the seafront last night. The weather was a bit overcast but we had a great audience, who really enjoyed our varied programme of music. Our soloist this week was Paul, our Chairman, who played Danny Boy. Our percussion item was Rock Around the Clock and Ellis did a marvellous job persuading the children in the audience to join in. He’s now nicknamed the Child Catcher – but he’s not that scary! At the end of the piece, when he’s collecting in the instruments, parents are allowed their children back if they put money in the bucket! So far we’ve had no unclaimed children…During Rock Around the Clock a couple in the audience did an energetic jive which really took audience participation to another level.

Just to round off a very successful evening we were thrilled when ex-band member Peter unexpectedlyjosh (600x800) arrived with his wife, Margaret. Peter sat in with us and was a most welcome addition to the cornet line. It’s always lovely to see old friends – another ex-player, Andy, was also in the audience.

Finally we have a new collector, local school boy Josh, who last night joined Robert, Peter and Ralph. We are very grateful to all our collectors and it’s great to have Josh, accompanied by his Mum, Annette, on our team.

We’re now looking forward to our next Tuesday evening concert on Marine Parade. Most of the schools will have broken up by then, and the summer season will be in full swing, so we expect to see more old friends. Why not come and join us?

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