Back on Marine Parade

!cid_ii_jj7eigst0_164665b61a3c8c6a (600x800)This is what the Marine Parade!cid_ii_jj7ejcbj1_164665bfe95d2fc1 (600x800) in Lyme Regis looks like when your first open air band concert of the summer season clashes with an England World Cup match!

However, we did manage to attract a very appreciative audience and we thought the evening went very well indeed. It was most encouraging for the weeks ahead…

The most popular item was the piece we play when the audience are asked to join in on percussion. We have a suitcase full of suitable instruments and Ellis went above and beyond, “encouraging” people to join in. He entertained the audience and the band, who had a job concentrating on the music we were playing, as he dashed back and forth persuading people to take part.

!cid_ii_jj7ek9yw2_164665cabd286de1 (600x800)Little Jennifer in the photo was also press ganged into helping out – as she is the granddaughter of our baritone player, Jane, she had natural rhythm! LRTB is always keen to encourage young players.

As ever we remain grateful to our collectors who this week were Ralph, Robert and Peter.

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