Back to the practice room…

It was great to be back in the rehearsal room last night, with a busy summer season behind us and lots to look forward to in the future.  We spent a fair amount of time handing in music – good luck to our Librarian in sorting that lot out – but afterwards we enjoyed getting our teeth into some new pieces.

David, our MD, thanked the band for our hard work to date, but we in turn must thank David for his encouragement, support and endless patience.  He brings out the best in all of us and we are very lucky to have him as our MD.

As we start a new term, so to speak, now would be a very good time to come along and join us.  We welcome players of all ages and all abilities including learners, rusty players and anyone who has perhaps just moved into the area, or retired, etc and is looking for a small, friendly group to join.  We are at Woodmead Halls in Lyme Regis every Tuesday evening at 8.00 pm and we’d love to see you.                                                      Gilly

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