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Did you learn to play a brass instrument many years ago but gave it up as other things got in the way?  Have you always wished that you’d learned to play a brass instrument when you were younger and regret that you’ve let the opportunity pass you by?

Perhaps our band might be able to help you as we are currently embarking on a recruitment drive and are keen to LRTBencourage new members to join our ranks.

Players of all ages and abilities are most welcome with tuition available for learners and support and encouragement for “rusty” players. We would like to stress that learners don’t need to be youngsters.  It’s possible to learn to play at any age and there are several in the band who didn’t pick up a brass instrument until a lot later in life and are now playing with us on a regular basis, having learned from scratch.  There are also players who have returned after a break of many years and are now greatly enjoying being part of a band again.

If you would like to learn more about the band,  then come along to our informal Open Evening which is being held at The Woodmead Halls on Tuesday 22nd September at 7.30 pm A range of instruments will be available to try out and you’ll be able to chat to band members and perhaps sit in on a band practice.

For further details or for any queries please contact Band Secretary, Gilly Warr on 01297 442719, or email gkwarr46@gmail.co


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