March update from our secretary

Last night at practice we had a visit from a VIP.  David, our MD, and his lovely wife, Rachel, have just become parents to a beautiful baby girl, and we had our first glimpse of her last night.  The baby was surrounded by band members and some even enjoyed a cuddle.  At just over a week old she must be our youngest recruit and we hope to see more of her soon.

Talking of new recruits we also welcomed Jay who is about to join our training band as an adult learner.  He sat in and listened to our practice, which was a real mixed bag, as we played some pieces we know well and others which were new pieces we are just learning.  However he was not put off and we are looking forward to seeing him again next week.  We’ve also learned of another potential trainee – a youngster who is keen to learn the cornet – so if anyone is thinking of learning to play a brass instrument now would be a good time to get in touch as it’s good to have company when you start to learn.  It was encouraging for Jay to see that we have five members of our training band, including one adult, who now sit in with the main band on a regular basis.

We were very pleased to have back with us our two bass players who have returned to practice following a break for health reasons.  It made such a difference to have them back on the bass line.

We’ve now got our heads down and our shoulders to the wheel preparing a range of pieces for the busy summer season ahead.  Our first engagement is taking part in the Blessing the Boats Ceremony for the RNLI which is taking place at the Lifeboat Station on the afternoon of Sunday, 22nd May.

Between now and then we have arranged for a band photograph in full uniform which should be fun – a bit like the old school photo when you need everyone looking smart, facing the same way and no comedians mucking up the shot.  We will share the outcome in due course… Gilly

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