Another good evening last night…  We’d all dried out after our soaking on Sunday and, as it’s Lifeboat Week, there were a lot of people around…We had several birthdays in the band, including Kathy on solo cornet and Adrian on trombone as well as Ralph, one of our collectors.  A lot of our band members happen to celebrate their birthdays in July and August so it’s always nice to play Happy Birthday followed by Congratulations for them and any members of our audience.

We were a bit dubious when Nigel, our horticultural friend, arrived with another package under his arm, but this week it was just his folding chair – no more novelty vegetables!

Finally, Alan, the Town Crier, told us he had been out in the bay on a boat during the evening and he said the music across the water sounded lovely.  I think it might be the case that the further away you are the better we sound!

We will be back next Tuesday for our next effort and this time it will be Lyme Regis Regatta and Carnival Week.

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