Remembering John Case

We are very sad to hear of the passing of former band member John Case. John was a valued and popular member of the band for many years and he is seen here in the photo on the left from our archive dated 1982.  He is remembered with great affection by those in the band who knew him.

When John gave up playing he willingly took over as our Band Librarian.  He carried out the duties of this somewhat onerous task with endless patience and kept our extensive library in excellent order. The second photo shows himbeing presented with a celebratory cake on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2014. John was awarded Life Membership of the band in May 2015 and we missed him greatly when he finally “retired” in November 2016.

Unfortunately John lost his wife, Helen, in tragic circumstances several years ago and in recent times he has not been in good health.  John and Helen’s daughter, Jackie, is also an ex-member of the band, and we are thinking of her, and her brother, Gary, and all John and Helen’s much loved grandchildren at this very sad time.

The third photograph is of John receiving a token of appreciation from the band upon his retirement, presented to him by our ex-Chairman, Paul Snowball.

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