Seaton’s turn today

Another day, another engagement – this time in Seaton where we played outside Tesco this afternoon. Thank you, Tesco, for having us and making us so welcome.

We were pleased to be joined by ex-player and conductor, Roger, who lives in Seaton and also by one our Trustees, Derek, and his partner, Suzanne, who came along as our collectors.

Big surprise – Rory, another ex-player was home from uni and was in Tesco with his family. We grabbed him with both hands, found him a cornet and he joined in. We’re thrilled as he’s also going to join us on stage for our Christmas Concert tomorrow afternoon. It’s lovely when ex-players keep in touch and come back to us when they can. We’re looking forward to seeing another, Peter Hurdwell, on Saturday evening when he and his wife Margaret are in Lyme Regis and will be joining us for Carols around the Tree in Broad Street in Lyme Regis, organised by the Rotary Club.

tesco 2017 2 (200x200)Before we played this afternoon we popped into Pebbles Restaurant intesco 2017 1 (200x200) Seaton (well worth a visit!) to fortify ourselves with delicious bacon sarnies and hot drinks. Eating and drinking again! Come and join Lyme Regis Town Band – you will have lots of fun but you might put on a bit of weight!

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