Step by step…

…Lyme Regis Town Band is taking a little step back towards normality this Tuesday – if all goes well – resuming practices at the Woodmead Halls, albeit on a modest scale. David has diligently sought out repertoire for small groups to play whilst at the same time putting together an impressive risk assessment document to keep us all safe. We hope to kick off on Tuesday with the training band convening first followed by two small groups of six adults, each meeting at separate times of the evening and all scrupulously following the government regulations, the hall regulations and David’s risk assessment. It will be Town Band but not as we know it.
We are appreciative of the Hall Management Committee and their staff for the work they have done getting the hall back into safe use and for their generous understanding of our caution in our hesitant return to Tuesday night routine.
There will be lots of happy musicians if this first night back goes well.

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