Summer 2017: from the secretary’s diary…

23rd July: It’s Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis and Charmouth this week. The weather is disappointing at the moment but the town is full of happy holidaymakers…This afternoon the band will be entertaining them on Marine Parade with a concert from 2.30 pm, which will include playing hymns for the RNLI Songs of Praise Service from 3.00 pm until 3.30 pm.….This afternoon the rain came down in buckets but in between the showers the RNLI held their Songs of Praise service and we were very pleased to support this very good cause by playing the hymns. The band also played both before and after the service.

28th July: Its not all hard work in Lyme Regis Town Band. Last night some of us went out for a meal to celebrate the birthday of Kathy, our solo cornet, and a good time was had by all…Back to the grindstone on Tuesday evening for our next concert on the seafront which kicks off at 8.00 pm.

30th July: Hooray! We’ve just heard that an ex-band member will be visiting Lyme shortly and will be able to join us for our afternoon concert on the seafront on Sunday, 13th August, which commences at 2.30 pm…Peter used to be our solo cornet player but had to leave us a while ago when he moved to France for work purposes. Peter is a talented musician and is greatly missed. His rendition of the Post Horn Gallop, complete with dog barking noises, is a happy memory for us!…It will be great to have Peter back with us, even if its just for one concert, and we are looking forward to seeing him and his wife, Margaret…On Sunday, 13th August we will also be joined by a young cornet player called Jak who is on holiday in Weymouth with his family. Jak has played with us before and he will be a welcome addition to our cornet line

7th August: Looking forward to tomorrow evening’s concert on Marine Parade which starts at 8.00 pm. Its Carnival Week in Lyme Regis so there are lots of people around. Weather looking a bit grim but with luck the rain will stay away. Its lovely at this time of year when the light begins to fade and the moon comes up over the bay as the band plays. Its worth coming along just for the view but we will do our best to entertain our audience!

9th Aug: And the band played on! The weather looked distinctly iffy beforehand but we held our nerve and made our way down to the seafront. It was grey and overcast but thankfully there was no rain or wind. The band and most of our audience was tucked under the shelter although a few hardy souls stood outside by the railings…We had a lovely audience who were very appreciative of our efforts. Lots of families with young children who bopped along to what we were playing and joined us on percussion for “Jambalaya” led by Paul, our Chairman. Henry, our flugel player, gave an excellent performance of “Misty” which went down very well with the crowd and he was joined by horns, Debbie, Bridget, Gilly and Viv for “Close to you”. At the end of the concert we even got an encore!…As ever we were very lucky to have guest players to boost our numbers. Phil joined us on percussion, ex-player Peter, who is visiting from France and was expected for our concert on Sunday, was a welcome addition on front row cornet and we also have regular guests Andy on trombone, Jo on Euphonium, John on bass and Bridget on horn. We really appreciate their help…Unfortunately the moon did not appear for long! It slipped out from behind a cloud when we were packing up and was bright orange. However, it was not there long enough to get a photo which was disappointing as it would have been spectacular….Our next concert is this Sunday afternoon, 13th August at 2.30 pm then we have just three more Tuesday evening concerts until the end of our summer season.

13th Aug: Just come back from a lovely afternoon playing on Lyme seafront. As the sun was out, the beach was packed which reduced our audience somewhat but those who stopped to listen seemed to enjoyed the music we played. In fact when we were packing up a very nice gentleman came up to us and on behalf of everyone there he thanked us for our performance…We were very short of collectors today but Robert coped manfully. We had lots of buckets out and the kids going by seemed to enjoyed putting coins in the slot. One little chap was particularly interested in our instruments and tried to wrestle the euphonium off John’s lap! I think another was fascinated with Kathy’s cornet. All future musicians in the making we hope!…We were delighted to have no fewer than three guest players with us today. Ex-player Peter joined us on cornet as did Jak who was on holiday with his family in Weymouth. Jak played with us last year and we were very pleased to see him again. What a dedicated player he is – he not only takes his cornet on holiday with him but he seeks out bands to play with – yesterday he played with Weymouth Concert Brass.guests (480x358) Our third visitor was David on bass trombone. David also plays with us regularly when he is in the area and we were very pleased to see him especially with Adrian, one of our trombone players away on holiday. Special thanks to Barbara, Adrian’s Mum, who is not only carting all our cash home, but is counting it for us ready for Adrian to bank when he returns from holiday. What a star…This photo is of Peter, Brian (MD), Jak and David.

15th August: We’ve just received a video of one of the numbers we played at our concert on the seafront on Sunday afternoon, put together by John Hulse, Jak’s Dad. We are thrilled with it and feel that it sums up what our summer concerts are all about. John has uploaded the video to Youtube at….The march we are playing is High Society….Thanks very much to John….

23rd Aug: Last night’s Concert went really well. There are still lots of holiday makers around and many stopped by to listen to us. Adrian (trombone) is back from holiday and led an enthusiastic group of children on percussion, with some parents, to accompany our rendition of Jambalaya…It was a lovely balmy evening and the view across the bay was lovely as the light faded. As usual our friend, Nigel Ball, wouldn’t let us go without an encore…Sadly last night we said goodbye to guest player David, who has joined us on bass trombone for the last three weeks. David has played with us every summer for the past twenty one years which is some record. evening1Needless to say we are always very pleased to see him…We are now coming to the end of our summer season and our concert next Tuesday will be our final one on the seafront for this year. Brian, our MD, always lets the band choose our top ten favourites to play and we have been busy casting our votes. It should be an interesting programme! Nothing too taxing probably…. There’s always a smashing atmosphere on our last night so party pants on everyone!

28th Aug: As summer draws to a close, tomorrow evening is our last open air concert on Marine Parade in Lyme Regis. As usual we will start playing at 8.00 pm and we should complete our programme at about 9.00 pm…Our MD has put together a lively selection of our favourite pieces and we look forward to a fantastic evening with family and friends… We will then return to the practice room to hibernate and to begin work on some new music. We will venture out for the Remembrance Service at St Michael’s Church on Sunday, 12th November but will be concentrating our efforts on preparing for the busy period in the run up to Christmas, which culminates in our Christmas Concert at the Woodmead Halls on Sunday, 17th December at 2.30 pm.

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